Industry Examples

A media company

…would like to understand what physicians think are the keys to aging well for a story they are writing.

How Truth On Call can help: Ask 100 physicians: “What is the #1 key to aging well? A Daily exercise, B Healthy diet, C Not smoking, D Staying social, E Other (please specify).”

Outcome: Exercise and diet are the keys to aging well, according to physicians. See the real example of this poll conducted for

A financial company

…would like to understand what physicians think of a recent trial’s results presented at ASCO (the American Society of Clinical Oncology).

How Truth On Call can help: Ask 800 oncologists: “Are you at ASCO? Answer yes or no.” If physicians answer yes, ask “What is your impression of the results of the XYZ trial? A Groundbreaking findings, B Very compelling, but I have 1-2 questions, C Interesting but I have several questions, D Not interesting. Respond A, B, C, or D.”

Outcome: The trial is considered groundbreaking or very compelling by 80% of physicians. The implications for the company sponsoring the trial are very positive.

A drug manufacturer

…is assessing a BD target and need to understand the criticality of a condition before proceeding with due diligence.

How Truth On Call can help: Ask 100 Intensivists: “How much of an issue is gastroparesis for your ICU post-op patients? A Not an issue, B Somewhat of an issue, C It is a major issue. Respond with A, B, or C and briefly explain.”

Outcome Gastroparesis is a major issue for Intensivists and the targeted drug fills a major unmet need.

A drug manufacturer

…needs a recommendation in 2 days regarding a costly caregiver program which the medical director on the team says is critical.

How Truth On Call can help: Ask 400 GPs and 400 Gerontologists who prefer your brand: “Why do you Rx Exelon vs other options? A Fewer side effects, B Caregiver support program, C Patient asks, D Other. Respond A, B, C or D. If D briefly explain.”

Outcome: The program is a close second for most cited reason for prescribing Exelon vs. competitors. It should be kept.