How It Works

Using SMS or email (whichever is best for your situation), Truth On Call enables you to ask thousands of healthcare professionals questions. Healthcare professionals can be selected by specialty, state, and other characteristics.

Using Truth On Call is simple. Get our help or do it yourself.

Get our help:

1. Develop your question(s) – from as few as 1 question to as many as 30.

2. Submit your questions, the number of physicians you would like to respond to your questions, and the specialty and any other criteria you would like your physicians to have e.g., perform 5 or more ventral hernias a month, to Call us at 212-247-0895 if you have questions.

3. A Truth On Call team member will review your question(s) with you and may even test them with a physician.

4. Once you and the Truth On Call team member agree on the question(s), the questions will be deployed.

5. Get your results, usually within 24 hours of step 4.


Do it yourself:

1. Get a Truth On Call Client account.

2. Login and design your survey with as few as 1 question to as many as you’d like.

3. Submit and get your results in 24 hours